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Week 1: Week of 21-Aug-2023
  • Orientation
  • What is journalism?
  • Brainstorm content
  • Sign up for Google Class
Week 2: Week of 28-Aug-2023
  • Graded: Identify content categories. In groups, list at least five possible categories for content for our publication.
  • Graded: Form teams for first round of content creation. By the end of Week 2, you should identify your team, your initial content area (only 1), and individual roles of team members. Students may work alone with the teacher's permission, but teamwork is encouraged.
Week 3: Week of 04-Sep-2023
  • In-class activity: We will explore using the inverted pyramid format for writing a story
  • 1st draft of content due for peer review
  • Peer review content from at least two other groups
  • Revise based on peer review
Week 4: Week of 11-Sep-2023
  • 2nd draft of content due for publication
  • Format and submit final draft for publication
  • Discuss option to create advertisements
  • Discuss individual/group printed A4 pages with titles and formatting for wall design
  • Discuss Markdown (StackEdit) if time
  • Needed sections: current events, school news
Week 5: Week of 18-Sep-2023
  • Markdown (StackEdit)
  • Working with graphics
  • Discuss and identify content for second edition
Week 6: Week of 25-Sep-2023
  • Explore Google Sites. Choose theme. Collaborate or teams using same theme? We need to standardize fonts, headings, etc. and the best way to do that is with a template (Word, Google Docs, Publisher) or theme (Google Sites). A theme will be easier.
  • Choose person/team responsible for home page. This could be a rotating responsibility.
  • Learn how to work with plain text (and even Markdown?), including how to strip formatting from content created in Word, Google Docs, etc.
  • Photoshop
  • Online graphics editors
  • Work on content for second edition
Week 7: Week of 02-Oct-2023
  • Pages created
  • Navigation menu created
  • Work on populating pages with content
  • Can we get it done this week?
  • Choose content theme (not design theme which has already been chosen) for next edition.
Week 8: Week of 09-Oct-2023
  • Edition 2 finished. Start work on #3.
  • New person/team in charge of home page?
Week 9: Week of 16-Oct-2023 End of Q1
  • Work on final edition of the quarter.
Week 10: Week of 23-Oct-2023
  • Beginning of Q2
  • Begin using new cycle of publication every two weeks
Week 11: Week of 30-Oct-2023
  • Project due! With teacher's permission, you may roll your project over into the next publication if it's not finished or if it's an ongoing piece that you're going to add to such as a work of fiction of in-depth project.
Week 12: Week of 06-Nov-2023
  • For the rest of the semester, we will be on a two-week cycle for completing a new publication. This is the first week to work on Publication 2 of Quarter 2, so we will be choosing new topics or expanding/extending previous ones.
Week 13: Week of 13-Nov-2023
  • Work for Publication 2 of Quarter 2 is due.
Week 14: Week of 20-Nov-2023

Thursday and Friday are holidays.

  • Begin work on Publication 3 of Quarter 2. We will have extra time to complete this cycle due to holidays.
Week 15: Week of 27-Nov-2023
  • Continue work on Publication 3 of Quarter 2
Week 16: Week of 04-Dec-2023
  • Finish Publication 3 of Quarter 2
  • Begin Publication 4 of Quarter 2
Week 17: Week of 11-Dec-2023
  • Finish Publication 4 if possible before winter break. Extensions may be granted if necessary.

Winter break 12/18-1/2.

Week 18: Week of 01-Jan-2023
  • TBA
Week 19: Week of 08-Jan-2023
  • TBA

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